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Ribbon Rocking Chair At Katie Walker Furniture we are uncompromising. Uncompromising in our commitment to quality and the very best in both form and function. We are dedicated to collaborating with artisans to bring beauty and design to your everyday environment.

Beam Bench at Roche CourtFrom our iconic Ribbon and Windsor rockers, through to witty pieces such as the Weight & See Mirror or the geometrical lines of the Hoop Chair, our passion is to make something that you will love.

Our designs sometimes take inspiration from the past, other times the present but they are always classics with a timeless appeal.

Ribbon Rocking Chair We are often influenced by art and our work aims to surprise and entertain. The Ribbon Rocker is a classic example of this. Inspired by Naum Gabo’s sculpture ‘spheric theme’, its structure is made from one continuous piece and the effect is a fluid form, which appears to be floating on air. Look more closely though and you will see that it is a rigid chair of great strength.

Collect 2020

Collect 2020

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